Teeth Whitening

We have new tooth whitening products in the practice from Whitewash. There are a range of options and prices available including new light activated in-practice whitening:

  • Whitening Strips

With this take-home kit you wear strips 1 hour daily for 2 weeks. This lightens your teeth about 3-4 shades, with results lasting 8-12 months. This is suitable for anyone who finds their teeth are too sensitive for conventional bleaching trays. 

  • Conventional Whitening Trays

This is the most common way to lighten teeth and involves your dentist taking a mould of your teeth to make bleaching trays that are worn at home overnight for 2-3 weeks. This lightens teeth about 6-8 shades.

  •  BEAM In-Surgery Tooth Whitening

We have a fantastic new in-surgery lamp to enable us to carry out teeth whitening even faster! This is Whitewash's most effective whitening method, lightening the teeth by 8+ shades. There are also take home trays included which help to boost the shade and ensure the results last longer.

For more information about all of these treatments you can visit the Whitewash website here.



If you are currently or about to start teeth whitening, please find our patient information leaflet here.