General Dentistry

At the practice we offer all aspects of general dentistry:

  • exams, x rays, scale and polish

We advise routine exams every 6 months. A Scale & Polish is normally carried out at these but can also be provided every 3 months in addition.

We have a digital X-Ray machine in our new downstairs surgery so any results will be available immediately.​​

  • dentures, including acrylic and metal

  • fillings (silver and white)

  • minor oral surgery including extractions 

  • crowns, bridges & veneers

The NHS provides these treatments with certain materials. For more information about the treatments or other material options please see the same section in our Cosmetic Dentistry page.

  • provision of mouthguards & splints

Sports mouth guards can be made in a range of colours.

Bite splints can be made for those suffering with facial pain as a result of clenching or grinding their teeth, especially at night.

  • root canal treatment