Extraction Aftercare

  1. Have a restful day. No strenuous exercise, heavy lifting etc., as this could raise the blood pressure and cause the socket to bleed.

  2. Do not eat or drink anything too hot or too cold. Any extremes of temperature could cause the socket to bleed.  Also local anaesthetic prevents the sensation of temperature – you could burn yourself without being aware of it.

  3. No smoking or alcohol for 24 hours. Any of these will raise the blood pressure and cause the socket to bleed. It can also cause infection.

  4. The socket will ooze for the rest of the day. If it does bleed, take a clean cotton handkerchief (not tissues as they dissolve) place it over the socket and bite down hard, applying pressure for at least 15 minutes. If bleeding continues then re-apply pressure for at least another 15 minutes. It should stop bleeding, If not contact your dentist.

  5. Do not rinse your mouth out with anything for the rest of the day. Rinsing too soon after extraction can cause the blood clot to be dislodged causing bleeding or a condition called a dry socket. If your mouth is sticky, you can spit out, but do not rinse. The following day start taking hot salt mouthwashes i.e – a glass of hot water (as hot as you would take tea or coffee) with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. Take a mouthful and balloon out your cheek or lip (depending where the tooth has been extracted) and hold it over the area until it cools and spit it out. Do this with a whole glass of water. Try to do this twice a day for the next few days. The socket must be kept clean, as an infection will settle if food debris is allowed to stay.

  6. Don’t use any other kind of mouthwash. Some of these antiseptic mouthwashes will irritate the socket. Hot salt water helps to clean, soothe and heal the area.

  7. Expect a little swelling and tenderness over the first few days. If necessary, use a painkiller that you would normally take for a headache. Do not exceed the stated dose; this will only lead to further complications.